TENN TO CALI. From the beginning, with his roots in Long Beach, California, Loranzso Holmes known other as Ill Dose (aka Ill Dosage) has made his mark on the Hip Hop society. Currently residing in Marina Del Rey  CA , he is constantly perfecting his skills, recording, Setting himself apart from the crowd with the ability to set standard on a Southern type beat, and also set sail to a Hip Hop joint without blinking an eye. His ambitious drive, intelligent lyrical content, and ability to move crowds in every city makes him a memorable MC with hooks that you won’t soon forget.
Ill Dose is best known for being able to Have styles according to the mood of the music or “vibe” and actually create great songs which in turn create good, solid albums as opposed to other independent artists that have yet to master their craft. “A lot of artists in today’s industry just put some lyrics over any beat and call it a song. We actually felt the love of the music shine through on the first song on the CD. The sound was something fresh that reminded me of the essence of hip hop, as opposed to the “gimmick rappers” of today’s radio. His energy and focus is unbeatable.” -Reality.
Focused mainly on the Tennessee, Texas, New York, and California markets, Ill Dose continues to build his buzz and make a name for himself that will not soon be forgotten. From opening up for known acts such as: Pastor Troy, Too Short, and Kool Daddy Fresh, Wu-tang clan, Ras Kas, Ginuwine, Rakim, Dj Kool Herc.   To performing at such events as: Dub Magazine West Coast Car Show, Black College Tour, and Convention Centers and Music festivals , Ill Dose has made moves toward success ever since he took his first step. He occasionally will be found rocking the stage with other artist around the world..
It is rare to find an independent artist that has the ability to reach so far across the US and still remain focused. His determination to follow his dreams is commendable to say the least. Even after all the years and hard work he has put into his music, he still remains hungry, dedicated, and humble. Currently, you can find ill dose in Los Angeles.
Now available for download  his latest mixtape: “Harding Place” with tracks like “Young til I die, which is a classic off top, “Sewed Up”, and “City Night’s“

Stay tuned the next installment from illdose it’s Coming Soon, The Boat Chronicles 2016.