1. ILL DOSE, BROADY BLoX, K-RUSH, 28 - Once In A Lifetime
      2. Day's of my life radio mix - Day's of my life radio mix
      3. ILL Dose ft. Slim Chance - Too Good
      4. illdose - tenn to cali ride mix Boat Chronicles
      5. Rhyme Stick - illdose & cas bubbzarelli - Rhyme Stick - illdose & cas bubbzarelli
      6. illdose - AfroPik - space out

 More about the Boat Chronicles this project was done out of love for being a creative Hip Hop “true artist”, in a time where the love has changed lanes and its a diffrent world out here so hop aboard and let’s set sail.

 5 Fact’s About illDose: 1. He grew up in Long Beach,CA.
2. His family tie’s in Tenneesse lead him to move and finsh high school in Tullahoma, TN.
3. Is currently on tour with Crazytown as an opening act.
4. Recorded most of the Boat Chronicles on his actual boat.
5. Is on his first world tour as an indy artist unsigned.



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