Now this is a California problem, this kid or young man (ADAM Hicks) teen who use to be an employee for Disney and was more than likely let go from the job.
This guy was found walking around burbank putting the gun to would be victims as he attempts to commit robbery, GO FIGUER but these pic’s are of him working on his new rap career cause he won’t be working with disney this season his bail was really low also be on the look out for his new album.

In other news a Los Angeles Lawyer was on a high speed chase throughout the greater Arizona
area at very high speeds and had a really bad car accident. The others involved were seriously hurt hospitalize in critical condition. Now that’s the overlook of this story but the way the network showed the story just take a look at these pics??? I was just checking out the advertisement this is how they do lawyers from LA? Leave your thoughts below in comments.
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